Epsom Salts

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Epson Salts (Magnesium sulfate) is useful a useful mineral with numerous benefits. Due to its saline properties, it can be absorbed into the skin, as well be used to treat colics and hoof abscesses. It can also be used IV is used to treat cases of anti-arrhythmics in equines. Magnesium Sulfate in IV form is used to treat ventricular tachycardia and in the management of ventricular arrhythmias not responsive to other antiarrhythmic agents. In foals, it is used to treat perinatal asphyxia syndrome.

Magnesium sulfate is commonly used as a laxative and a wound soak for horses. It is reported to be very useful in significant and lasting reduction of pain in the horse’s limbs. Magnesium sulfate paste is sometimes used as an agent in drawing boils and carbuncles. Used in soaking wounds, it helps clean and soothe the tissues and skin.

Magnesium sulfate may also be used as a supplemental source of magnesium in the diet of horses.


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