Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix

$68.00 – $149.00 NZD (inc GST)

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix is a complete supplement recommended for nervous or excitable horses.

Distinctive in its blue and black bag.

Contains the same ingredients as Equilibrium Mineral Mix (its’ stable mate).


  • does not contain any ingredients that will make your horse sleepy or lethargic.
  • B1 Cool Mix product maybe able to help where nervousness or excitability is brought on by nutritional issues.
  • horses for which B1 Cool Mix works seem to be able to think better in daunting or frightening circumstances.
  • developed for show jumping horses competing at World Cup level and improved their competitive edge.

The sights and sounds of shows present a challenging environment to horses especially those that suffer nervousness or excitability.

Mulberry Road was one such horse that turned in erratic performances as a result of his nerves and it was after adding B1 Cool Mix to his feed that his consistency improved with very pleasing results.


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