Equishure Hindgut balancer

EQUISHURE™ Hindgut balancer promotes normal digestive function by aiding in the maintenance of an optimal hindgut environment and is designed for horses suspected of suffering from or that are at risk of developing hindgut acidosis.

The demands placed on horses, as both athletes and breeding animals, dictate that substantial quantities of energy-rich feeds be consumed. Disturbances in the normal hindgut environment are thought to result from overconsumption of either high-starch concentrates or pasture grasses rich in fructans (sugars).

Hindgut acidosis leads to changes in the bacterial population of the hindgut, digestive disturbances and reduced digestive efficiency. EquiShure supplies a time-released balancer to neutralize the acid and help maintain a stable hindgut environment, which encourages proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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Kentucky Equine Research

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