Equine Athlete Digest-Rite Sport Formula is a nutritional supplement formulated for both sport and pleasure horses whose diets are based on pasture and some hard feed.

Digest-Rite provides a combination of scientifically proven pre-biotic, digestive enzymes, a registered toxin binder and rice bran, all enhance digestion and at the same time help maintain a healthy digestive tract, improving the digestion of starches and sugars which can at times reflect in poor behaviour.

Horses are browsing animals with very selective grazing habits. Their digestive systems are not always well adapted to handling grass and forage based diets. The quality and quantity of pastures that horses have access to in New Zealand are generally quite different from those of a natural habitat.

Fresh or actively growing pasture is most often a problem for horses. They often lack sufficient enzymes necessary to break down the soluble sugars (fructans) found in lush or young grasses, so,  much may pass undigested into the large intestine (hindgut) where it undergoes bacterial fermentation. At this point excess lactic acid is generated causing Hindgut Acidosis. This acid kills good bacteria, which as they die, give off a toxin that enters the bloodstream and can cause Laminitis. Preventing that occurring by providing enzymes that assist the sugars to be digested more efficiently before reaching the hindgut, assist the horse to avoid the occurrence of those diet based issues.

Many sport and pleasure horses are kept in situations where the amount of available grass is not sufficient to meet dietary requirements for their workload. A mix of concentrates is usually fed to provide the necessary extra energy. Oats and barley are ideally suited because of their high starch content; most pre-mixed feeds contain one if not all of these grains, some even contain maize the most energy intensive grain. As they are not part of a natural diet, horses are limited in the amount of hard feed they are able to digest at one time. Like grass, if too much is fed at once, or if the passage through the small intestine is too rapid, an undigested amount passes through to the hindgut where it creates the same issues as poorly digested grass sugars.

These issues can show up  in the horse’s behaviour affecting both temperament and performance; over-excitability, seemly difficult to handle, touchy, over-sensitive reactions can be a result. Feeding a product like Digest-Rite that will enhance digestion of grasses and grains has obvious advantages for sport and pleasure horses.

Helping a horse with behaviour Issues is not always about feeding calmers, or excess magnesium but checking out the reasons why. Poor digestion is one but check out  our article ‘need help with behaviour‘ for more info.

Equine Athlete Digest-Rite Sport Formula is much more than just a simple digestive additive – (like those containing live yeast cultures). Digest-Rite contains a pre-biotic (mannan oligosaccharides), digestive enzymes (α amylase and β glucanase), rice bran and a binding silicate oxide.

It has a 4 way action:

> Firstly by slowing the passage of food through the small intestine, allowing more time for the horse’s own digestive enzymes to work.
> Secondly, by enhancing digestion through the inclusion of enzymes that break down sugar and starch.
> The inclusion of a pre-biotic helps maintain a functional gut wall and ensures that nutrients are absorbed efficiently following digestion.
> Finally the silicate oxides help prevent the absorption of potentially harmful toxins .

Digest-Rite should be fed to sport and pleasure horses receiving a grass and or a grass and hard feed  diet or those grazing pastures where conditions are likely to cause nutritional problems.

Digest-Rite contains no prohibited substances so can be safely fed before and during competition.