Vetpro Four Feet

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Vetpro Four Feet – The answer to Cracked and brittle hooves common amongst performance horses.

Poor moisture retention combined with poor hoof growth are the cause of the problem.

Horses end up having difficulty holding a shoe and are predisposed to quarter cracks, seedy toe and foot infections.

Prevention starts with increasing moisture retention followed by promoting hoof growth.

Nutrition affects hoof growth, hoof size is directly influenced by diet.

Horses fed an optimum diet have an 80% increase in hoof-sole border size compared to those fed a limited diet.

Research has shown that the minerals zinc, magnesium, calcium and sulphur, along with Vitamin A and Biotin are all necessary for the development of a normal hoof.

Since horses are often not fed an optimum diet due to availability of good pasture and a correct balance of feed, it is necessary to feed a specifically formulated supplement which ensures that these vital ingredients are in the diet.

Vetpro Four Feet contains zinc, sulphur, menthionine and biotin, all essential components of strong healthy hooves, in a gelatin and yeast base.

Gelatin contains all essential amino acids except tryptophan.

400 and 800gm pouch available


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