Aniwell Filtabac

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Aniwell Filtabac is a protective, antibacterial sunblock cream that acts as a totally natural second skin. Filtabac cream is the ultimate in animal antibacterial skin protection for wounds, as a sunblock, and for correcting damaged or irritated skin conditions. It is suitable for most animals, especially horses, dogs and exotics. Before using on cats seek veterinary advice.

Aniwell Filtabac Cream covers wounds like a second skin, providing a barrier which simulates the properties of undamaged skin, and acts as a total sunblock protecting the wound from any further damage by the sun. Filtabac protects the wound, allowing transpiration of the covered area and promotes moist wound healing while allowing serous fluid to escape.

Features & Benefits
A topical treatment for bacterial infections
Covers wounds like a second skin
Blocks the sun


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