Bates Advanta

Bates Advanta

$5,895.00 NZD (inc GST)

The Bates Advanta eventing saddle is engineered for perfect connection between you and your horse. With an ultra-sensitive feel of your horse and effortless balance, together you are poised for take-off and prepared for the unexpected. Sharpen your reflexes and push your boundaries in the new competitive advantage.

  • A high performance eventing saddle for the ultimate performance ADVANTAge.
  • Engineered for perfect connection with a forward-cut, mono flap design.
  • Eventers will be effortlessly locatged in the SweetSpot of the seat and prepared for the unexpected.
  • The ultra-close SynergyPanel is low profile with the ultimate prtective cushioning and shockl absorbsion of air, resulting in pressure reduction of thier horse’s back and improved blood flow to their working muscles.
  • The features of the Bates Advanta include Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar, Front and REar FlexiContourbloc, and Luxe Leather.

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