Bates Caprilli Close Contact saddle

Bates Caprilli Close Contact

$2,895.00 $1,899.00 NZD (inc GST)

This Saddle is on sale as it was ridden in a couple of times and a blemish was noted in the seat. The seat has been completely recovered in new leather however this saddle is now considered second hand. This is a real bargain at $1895.00. This price does not apply to new saddles, only this individual brown 44cm saddle.


The Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle offers a supportive seat for the rider to ensure safe, comfortable landings. Whether commencing your jumping career or competing at the highest level you will enjoy exceptional balance and comfort with the Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle.

Engineered for precision performance, the Bates jump saddle range combines technical design and innovation offering you unprecedented close contact, perfect balance and stability.

Your horse will show a marked improvement in their freedom of movement, as world-leading performance systems the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and CAIR Cushion System maximise your horse’s comfort and freedom of movement. Your horse will enjoy unsurpassed adaptability for an optimal fit, even weight distribution, a fluid cushioning and the ultimate impact absorption.

Product Specifications

Key Feature
Adjustable Flexibloc System, Drop panel point, Ergonomic stirrup bars, Quilted panel points, Short triple girth points

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