Collegiate Degree Mono Event Saddle

Collegiate Degree Mono Event

The Collegiate Degree Mono Event Saddle is created from the finest soft and supple quality leather and is a hand crafted jump saddle with the horse and riders comfort in mind and all at a great price

Only the highest quality naturally tanned pigmented double leather is used to ensure soft and supple finish for optimum grip and complete comfort.

The triangle shaped front and thigh blocks are covered with supple grained leather to ensure a secure leg position

A mono flap design and long girthing system provides the rider with a closer contact with the horse

The Collegiate Degree Mono Event Saddle has a semi deep seat and square cantle for a more secure ride with comfort in mind.

As your horse’s level of fitness and shape changes, the Collegiate changeable gullet allows you to alter the width of your saddle to custom fit your horse.

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