lunging training system

Lunging Training System

$89.95 NZD (inc GST)

The Kincade Lunging Training System places your horse in variuos postitions that promote important back and neck muscle development.

The stretching position teaches your horse to stretch it’s back and neck muscles and is similar to that of the horse correctly under saddle.

The Kincade Lunging training system encourages your horse to find it’s balance at the canter. The various positions of the system will teach your horse how to move it’s weight from the forehand and find balance by placing it’s hind quarters beneath it.

It is best to start your horse at a trot for general muscle building and when the trot is established progress to canter.

There are 4 postions:

  1. Stretching
  2. Developing position
  3. Working position
  4. Engaged position            SOLD OUT UNTIL OCTOBER 21 but can be backordered at the special price if you don’t mind the wait.


Available on backorder

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