Oregon Barcoo bridle

Oregon Barcoo Bridle

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Oregon Barcoo Bridle Oregon bridles are made from the finest American cowhide and are tanned using a vegetable pit tanning process. The surface finish is completely natural and lacquer free. This is possible because each hide is individually selected for it’s blemish free appearance.

The leather is pre-oiled prior to sale for a soft and supple appearance. It is recommended that leather be regularly cleaned with saddle soap and occasionally treated with a good quality leather oil to ensure its lasting suppleness and strength.

The “Barcoo” or Ring Head bridle is an Australian icon, having been used for work and competition for many generations. Its ease of adjustment and ability to fit a wide range of horses make this style a very popular choice for stockmen and pleasure riders.

Does not include reins.

Oregon Barcoo Bridle Oak Brown


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