Harleigh Correction Pad

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This Harleigh Correction Pad by Horze, is the ultimate in padded sheepskin comfort to properly support and fit any saddle.

A well-fitting saddle is the most important gift you can give your horse while you sit on his back.

The Horze Harleigh Correction Pad is the ultimate corrective riser pad to eliminate any trouble with saddle woes.

A saddle that doesn’t fit properly will cause pain and discomfort and eventually cause your saddle to wear incorrectly. The soft sheepskin pad has a high throat to ease pressure on your horse’s wither area and the shock-absorbing quality of this luxurious pad is breathable.

It wicks moisture away from his back and allows you to ride in freedom.

The pad is designed to free your horse’s spine from interference from an ill-fitting saddle and the channel keeps pressure off his most sensitive area.

The fully adjustable pad comes with a set of four felt pad inserts for a custom fit.


Part of the Harleigh Collection.

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