Duwell Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

Duwell Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder

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Duwell Broad Spectrum Toxin Binder is highly effective – countering negative effects of mycotoxin contamination from pasture and feeds in New Zealand.

Converts mycotoxins into safe, non-toxic metabolites.

Optimises gut integrity and function for increased immunity and an improved body defence response.

Duwell uses pure, quality ingredients backed by scientific research – their products are therefore high quality and provide the best support for horses and livestock.

DOSAGE (500kg) :

20g dose once per day for maintenance

Up to 20g twice per day for extreme mycotoxin conditions.

CONTAINS: yeast (Mycofix Plus 5, E) enzymes and bio transforming microorganisms.

Natural clay and whole yeast products registered by ACVM for use in NZ

Available in 1kg.

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